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Birth date Interpretation

August 2 Birthday - Leo

YOUR RULERS -  Sun, Mars.

As an August 2 Leo birth date, others around you can find that it is not very easy for them to get to close to you, or to feel that they can really get to know you in any significant way.

An image for the August 2 is that of a lone wolf, a person who will really prefer to lead a more private form of life.

Like a wolf however, you are capable of becoming considerably fierce and aggressive once you have been aroused into anger.

Certain associations with this August 2 birth date can suggest an individual who has a considerable degree of sexual energy, and/or a real concern when it comes to that of the materialistic, and worldly ambition.

In relation to you however, this can suggest a certain degree of pessimism and skepticism with the world in general.

The August 2 birth date carries with it a number of crises in the form of alteration and change that will test your ability to readjust in your life. 

There is a real purpose for such situations to arise in your life, and that is to provide you with the opportunity to release, part with and discard, those people, places, or values that will no longer have any essential or important meaning to your creative potential.

As example, you do not have to wait to find yourself at the edge of the precipice before making your decision to leave any particular situation in order to look elsewhere for success. You should make your move well before you might find yourself too exhausted to do so.

If you review and examine your life, you will discover that on each of those times when you have discarded a situation and moved on, you will have gained an appropriate improvement your circumstances, whether in relationship to your career, your personal relationships, your financial prospects, and certainly with respect to you self-confidence.

There will be some August 2 birthdays that fall on a certain critical degree, and irrespective of whatever highs and lows that may result you can take heart that you have been endowed with the gift for finding success whatever the events that may confront you.

As an August 2 you hold an inherent understanding that nothing that humans do occurs in a vacuum, and that what we accomplish is given real meaning by the acknowledgment and recognition of our family, friends, and community.

Our deeds and actions in life flow out to others. Involve yourself in organizations that grant awards and recognition. It’s not so much the trophy and the awards that are important, but more so that of sharing your achievements with others. Study the history and lives of great achievers.

Colors for your personal wardrobe should be kept within the red, orange, and yellow spectrum, and especially so, for those drab winter season days.

Gold holds a powerful inspiration for you and should be well featured among your jewelry or accessories collection.

The colors of orange, indigo (violet) and the blue/green color of teal resonate well with this birth date.

Jade is an ancient gem that has been highly valued by many cultures around the world, it will help to both ground you with the earth, and inspire your admiration.

On the home front, the August 2 will favor a home that features a décor in the more traditional style with plenty of wood features.

For you, your home will need to project both a pleasurable and opulent atmosphere with surroundings to satisfy you.

As example, an imposing entranceway featuring some form of columns, with circular steps leading up to the front door. A sturdy wooden front door with a central doorknob should appeal to your senses.

Some internal decorative features in the manner the French court at Versailles may well interest you, and the “fleur-de-lis” design is one that will appeal to you. Similar designs could well be incorporated in your furniture or drawer handles.

Keep some rosemary and jasmine oils in your bathroom and try adding a few drops to your bath water. The chances are you will begin to a find a much more joyful approach to life. 

On the out doors front, the August 2 will enjoy hot sunny days and the sea. Most water sports are likely to appeal to you.

A terraced type garden would certainly appeal to your sense for opulence, and for a highlight to your sense of pride.

You should design and organize your garden or yard area so that you will have some room for, preferably a traditional lawn type game. As example, the game of croquet might be of a particularly appeal for you.

Consider adorning your flowerbeds with sunflowers, golden daisies, peonies, and poppies, as these are flowers that can help to inspire you and brighten your spirits.

If you live in a city without garden facilities then take the time to visit some organized gardens where you can take photographs, sketches or paintings, because in this a way in which you can capture the images of beautiful environments for in home display during those more gray days.

Your special magic numbers are 10 and 8.

The second day of the eighth month reduces to ten, and the number ten is the number of embodiment and the final completion of a process. This is the path of celebrating your successes and accomplishments in the perspective of your social self.

The 215th day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight adds the realization that even the most celebrated accomplishments are but fleeting moments in the context of time and history.  

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